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Whale Tail Necklace Dark teal bead

Whale Tail Necklace Dark teal bead

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Vintage Silver Plated teaspoon Reimagined into a unique Mermaid tail pendant.

 BeYOUnique and wear a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

"A whale tail sculpted from a vintage spoon transforms the past's elegance into the ocean's grace, merging history with nature's majesty."

Discover the magic of the ocean with this unique pendant.

Crafted from vintage spoons, meticulously flattened and shaped into enchanting whale tails.

Every pendant carries the history of its former life, now transformed into a symbol of oceanic wonder. Embrace the charm and elegance of the sea with Jersey Mermaid Co.'s vintage silverware pendants - where every piece tells a story.

* Please indicate your desired chain  & length at check out.

List in the "Order Special Instructions" section

your choice of 16, 18 or 24 inch stainless steel chain 
18 or 24 inch silver plated snake chain 
Presented in a cotton bag stamped with the Jersey Mermaid Co. logo and includes a polishing cloth. 
All of our silverware have had previous lives before rescuing them. Each is polished and hand -stamped.  There may be small dings or places where the finish is a little worn.  This adds to their vintage charm of being "perfectly-imperfect".  
*Wear a piece of jewelry that has a story to tell.
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