Collection: Hat Bling (Hat not included)

Vintage Silver-Plated spoon bowls Reimagined into Hat Bling.

 Great way to add a touch of whimsy to any hat. Choose from wording offered.

The spoon bowl portion of a vintage teaspoon is flattened, hand stamped. Simply wrap the faux suede cord around your hat and tie in the back.

Spoon bowl measures 2.5 inches and the total length with cords is 36 inches.

*Wear something that has a story to tell.
All of our silverware have had previous lives before rescuing them. Each is polished and hand -stamped.  There may be small dings or places where the finish is a little worn.  This adds to their vintage charm of being "perfectly-imperfect".  
HAT is not included. For display purpose only.


* choose black or turquoise cord.

  • polishing cloth provided - or you can let the natural patina develop to attain a Vintage Vibe.
  • packaged on a card in a cotton bag.