Collection: Sun Catchers

Vintage Silver Plated Silverware Reimagined into unique Sun Catchers.

Every piece that Jersey Mermaid Co. designs, has a story to tell.  The name of the silverware pattern and the year it was produced is researched and shared with you.

Silver plated spoon handles are reimagined and 
  showcased along with crystal octagons and a large crystal chandelier prism. 
Brilliant Crystal Sun catchers reflect positive healing energy and create
dancing rainbows of color when placed in a sunny window.
Can also be enjoyed as an ornament.
According to FENG SHUI practitioners, SUN CATCHERS can activate positive energy or break up negative energy. They can help balance areas that lack light and color. The multidimensional light can calm or balance out areas with too much chaotic energy (clutter).

  • Includes:
  • polishing cloth
  • silverware pattern information card
  • packaged in a cotton bag with the Jersey Mermaid Co. logo on it.